Small Silver Painted Ceremonial Shovels

  • Small D-handle shovel with silver painted spade.
  • Size: Spade is 6" W, 26" overall shovel length
  • Weight: 1-3/4 lbs

  • Contact us for the following additional services:
  • Laser engraved bright silver plate, with rounded corners, formed to the curve of the handle, and attached with 2 screws.
  • Plate 3.25" x 1"H
  • Laser Engraved Shaft with Color Fill, specify color.
  • Full Color Plate

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    Small Painted Shovel - Silver

    Small Painted Shovel - Silver
    Small Silver Painted Shovel Plates
    Small Silver Painted D-Handle Shovel with Vinyl Applique Personalization
    Small Silver Painted Ceremonial Shovel - Personalized
    Small Silver Painted Shovel with Full Color
    Color Fill & Painted Shaft/Handle Options

    Product No. Product Description Price Buy It Now!
    Small Silver Painted D-Handle Ceremonial Shovel $35.00

    Product No. Product Services 1 2 +
    Full Color Vinyl Spade Application
    (per Ceremonial Shovel)
    $15.00Contact Us!
    Product No. Product Services Price
    Laser Engraved Shovel Plate Contact Us!
    Laser Engraved Shovel Shaft Contact Us!
    Full Color Shovel Plate Contact Us!

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